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Candidate services


At ACBT, our students learn by doing, particularly through a wide range of services, powerful ones, to embrace the whole education. 



1.  Programs
You can enhance your skills by dropping a training program among variety of different programs in different fields.


o   IT

o   Business

o   Education

o   Human Development

o   Vocational

o   Economics

o   Languages

o   Engineering

o   Medical science

o   Technology

o   Environment

o   Rehabilitation Courses and Diploma


2.    Scholarships
Many scholarships out here are tailored for ACBT students as well as for any applicant who desires to enroll in our scholarships.

3.    Accommodation
ACBT provides two different types of accommodation to its students.
This service is afforded for the students who are going to study for a minimum of 20 hours per a week.
The benefits of both accommodation types that the student will get to know the Canadian customs and habits during his residence. The student can choose between home stay accommodation, or private home accommodation. Our experienced staff will help our candidates to choose the best accommodation for them.
The monthly fees will vary.

1.    Home stay accommodation:
At ACBT, we do not have on campus housing. There are several associations that are in charge of locating appropriate Canadian host families .Those families will assist our international candidates with housing.
Also, they are going to treat our candidates as a member of the family.
No more than four candidates will be accommodated in home stay.
Once, the candidate choose a home stay accommodation, he will have the chance enhance his English language skills by speaking English at all the time with the host family.

2.    Private home accommodation:
In this type of accommodation, more than four adult students can accommodate in a private home, a self-catering accommodation
A choice of local accommodation is available .
Booking may be made through Ashridge College of Business & Technology.