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Rehabilitation Courses And Diploma


1)    Autism (asd).

A.   Defintion and causes and race

B.   Causes & symptom. Differential diagnosis

C.   Assessment & evaluation and autistic scales

D.   Ways of treatment and international programs.

2)    Occupational therapy.

A.   Defintions & principals & aeitology.

B.   Interference with other sciences

C.   Role of o. T in different medical diseases and syndromes

D.   Explain anatomy of musculoskeletal system and cns

E.    Applications and implementation of o. T

F.    Practical application on great variety of cases

3)    Speech therapy

A.   Defintion and introductions

B.   Explain disability and retardation concerned with delyed speech

C.   Explain normal development of linguistic skills

D.   Practical application on most involved cases

4)    Learning disabilities

A.   Explain definition & differential diagnosis

B.   Explain mental retardation and c. P and epilepsy

C.   Assessment of child complaint from deledy academic achievement

D.   Explain most theories for treat deledy childs

E.     How to put therapeutical programs depend on well-established based rolls